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    Diasporans for PDP Warns the Public about Questionable and Ill-conceived Message by an Individual Claiming to Represent PDP USA

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    For Immediate Release
    Houston, Texas
    February 18, 2022

    Re: Diasporans for PDP Warns the Public about Questionable and Ill-conceived Message by an Individual Claiming to Represent PDP USA

    A US-based registered not-for-profit organization, Diasporans for PDP, has deemed it necessary to provide an official disclaimer and warn the public about a questionable and ill-conceived message being circulated on the fringes of the social media by an individual who claims to be Dr. Harold Molokwu.

    In the ill-conceived social media message, the said Dr. Harold Molokwu who claims to be operating on behalf of PDP USA seems to see himself as a kingmaker for the People's Democratic Party (PDP). He implies that every PDP-allied organization must pay homage to him in order to be recognized.

    By this message, Diasporans for PDP calls on the public and lovers of the People's Democratic Party to disregard the questionable and ill-conceived message from the so-called Dr. Harold Molokwu and whatever organization he claims to represent. We have conducted a search to see who this person is and what organization he represents, but every search shows PDP USA as a moribund organization that once existed in the United States of America. PDP USA has not been operational for a while, and they do not even have a valid website where anyone may find information about them let alone know what they stand for and who they may be working for.

    Diasporans for PDP warns the public that we have no connection with any individual or organization named PDP USA. We do not need to pay homage to the so-called Dr. Harold Molokwu, PDP USA, nor the so-called Foreign Chapter Coordinator who is incompetent and has no clue what is going on in diaspora. We do not need to seek their blessings in order to do what is right for our great party and country, Nigeria.

    Diasporans for PDP is registered in the State of Texas, United States of America. We have been operating since 2018. We are not a regional organization like the so-called PDP USA may claim to be. We have members in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, South Africa, etc.

    For more information about Diasporans for PDP and the work we have done since 2018, including our past and upcoming events, please visit our website:



    Chidi Igwe, PhD
    National Publicity Secretary
    Diasporans for PDP

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